How Much Do Diamond Engagement Rings Cost

But how much do diamond engagement rings cost?

The cost of diamond engagement rings can vary significantly depending on various factors such as the quality, carat weight, cut, and clarity of the diamond, as well as the type of metal used for the setting. Additionally,  market demand can also influence the price range. It is advisable to set a budget and consult us and we will help find a balance between quality and affordability when considering the cost of diamond engagement rings.

When you look in the window and ask to see a ring. You will also be shown other rings the Jewellery Shop has to offer in that price band. These rings are not one-offs they are made in big Jewellery factories. For the same budget, you can have a bespoke individual ring made to suit you, your style and your budget.

Average Engagement Ring Cost is a question we get asked a lot be it for Diamond Engagement rings or Wedding Rings.

Harrogate Jewellers Rubie Rae is a bespoke jeweller, the word “Bespoke” scares some people, making them think that they won’t be able to afford a bespoke engagement ring from us.

Well, don’t let this word put you off, we design and craft everything to suit your budget.

Diamond engagement rings cost

How much do diamond engagement ring cost and how much should I spend?


How much do diamond engagement rings cost and how much should I spend?

To be honest, we would say that it all depends on you, never spend more than you can afford no matter what. Don’t rule out going bespoke as Bespoke Jewellery Costs less than you might think. With so many myths surrounding how much to spend on a diamond ring ladies love. we can help you So how much should you really be spending?

Thankfully, for modern couples the line between these traditional rules has become more fluid and, while some still opt to shell out a hefty portion of their salary, others are becoming more discerning with their funds. Yes, we all want to make a great impression when we come to propose.

We all know everyone will be judging us so we want to get it right.  Set a budget you are comfortable with and stick to it and forget the average engagement ring cost. Okay, you might need a little flexibility after all diamonds and bullion do fluctuate. We cater to you and your budget.

Once you have set your budget, you have a couple of options open to you. Firstly, you can go and buy an off-the-shelf ring from a high street jeweller. They offer some great styles to fit your budget but it won’t be unique.
With the same budget, we can design you a ring that is not only one of a kind but will be designed around your partner’s style and taste. All for exactly the same cost. The one disadvantage of coming to us is you can’t walk away with it on the same day. As most people don’t impulse getting engaged we feel it’s worth the wait, in designing a bespoke engagement ring made specifically with your partner in mind.

Bespoke Jewellery Cost

Bespoke Jewellery costs less than you can imagine. Let us reassure you, commissioning a bespoke ring won’t cost you any more than your budget allows. You can buy your ring from high-street Jewellers, by allowing us to create your ring you will have will a one-off, unique ring made just for you. So without stretching your budget we can design and create your truly one-of-a-kind bespoke engagement ring. The price of an engagement ring can be very low but this is reflected in the materials used at the other end of the spectrum the rarer the gemstone the greater the price.

Average engagement ring cost

We Work To Your Budget To Suit Your Style

And how do we know? We’re not only constantly monitoring the costs for precious stones, diamonds, and bullion. We also make sure we buy our gems using our in-house experience while working on obtaining the best prices from our bullion suppliers. 

So not only do you enjoy the luxury of the personalized experience we offer, but we also create your unique piece. You do so, knowing that the sophisticated pricing system we use means that we pass on the best possible value for money to you. As we don’t have high street premises, which as you can imagine costs a lot, meaning we also pass this saving on to you.

Whatever your expectations about the cost of purchasing your bespoke Jewellery. We know that you’ll want to pay the right price. We work to any budget (within reason) whether your price tag is in the hundreds or the thousands.

Imagine the thrill of owning a beautiful, hand-crafted piece of jewellery that no one else in the world possesses.

Our passion for design is reflected in every item that we create. By commissioning a bespoke piece of jewellery, you’re involved in creating a unique piece to reflect your personal style. Handmade by our highly skilled Master Goldsmiths, we use only the highest quality gold, platinum and expertly selected diamonds and coloured stones.

Alternatively, we could re-design a piece with sentimental value that you already own, into a style more suited to you. Whether it be a stunning engagement ring or a lavish necklace, the piece created is a statement of your individuality. If you would like an estimate for your bespoke idea, our team will be more than happy to help.

Bespoke Jewellery Cost

Flowers Say I Love You, An Engagement Ring Last A Lifetime.

How Much Do Diamond Engagement Ring Cost

Remember setting a budget for an engagement ring is a crucial step in the journey towards eternal love. While the cost of an engagement ring can vary depending on factors such as the size, cut, and quality of the diamond, it is essential to find a balance that speaks to your heart without breaking the bank. By setting a budget that aligns with your financial comfort zone, you can embark on this romantic endeavour with confidence, knowing that your love story is not defined by the price tag, but by the eternal bond it represents.

For more help or advice our team is on hand to help you, we know it is not every day you buy a diamond ring so don’t be shy we are here to help.

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