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A custom designed and crafted ring is more affordable than you think, so why not create something unique.

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We are a Harrogate based jewellers, whose clients appreciate that attention to detail. Our expertise is appreciated by clients across the whole country. So don’t let distance be your barrier to owning a bespoke piece of jewellery.

Bespoke engagement rings designed and crafted to suit your style taste and budget.

Owning a unique piece of jewellery that is created just for its owner. Creating your own piece, express your love, aspirations and individuality making it sentimentally more personal. A treasured piece that will last for generations.

Made Just For You.

For the same budget, as you would spend on the high street. We can design and make you a one of a kind custom-made engagement ring.

Custom Made Engagement Rings
Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring
Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring
Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring
Three Diamond Engagement Ring
Trilogy three diamond engagement ring
Six Claw Diamond Engagement Ring