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Jewellery Design and Commissioning FAQ

Bespoke Jewellery Design Experience

How long does the design process take?

Typically, it takes the team take 2-3 weeks to refine. In most cases, we do this sooner

How long does it take to make?

Approximately 5-6 weeks after you sign off the design.

Can I show you photos, and sketches I like?

Yes, that can be very helpful but certainly not essential as we will guide you through all the design options.

I can’t visit in person. Can I still commission jewellery with you?

That is not a problem at all – many clients live throughout the UK. We are more than happy to work with you via telephone, email and Skype. We can send you photos of gems, designs and finished pieces as examples.

Do you offer certified diamonds?

Not every diamond comes with a certificate, and comparable diamonds will look the same regardless of whether or not they are certified. If you wish to use certified diamonds in your design, that is no problem at all – just ask. We Are GIA Diamonds Merchants as well as IGI Diamonds

Do I need to put a deposit down?

Yes, a deposit is required on all jewellery made to order. We ask for an initial instalment of 50% once the design is approved, you pay the final payment is made when you are 100% happy with the finished piece.

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Jewellery Remodelling and Gold Recycling Questions

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Can you remodel old family jewellery into new pieces?

Yes, this is one of the things we specialise in. We appreciate the sentimental value attached to inherited jewellery and it is a pleasure for us to transform that into a design that you will love wearing. Reusing your own stones and metal is also a cost-effective way to create your bespoke jewellery design.

I have inherited some yellow gold. Can I turn it into white gold jewellery?

We cannot change the colour of the base alloy, but give us a call as we can offer alternative solutions based upon your chosen design.

Can I get my recycled diamonds certified?

If we are recycling your jewellery and you want to have the diamonds certified, we can certainly arrange that for you. Please note that the diamonds have to be certified by an independent laboratory – a service for which you will be charged. As it is an external service, your delivery timescale will also need to be extended.

Bespoke Jewellery Design

Can I get my recycled jewellery hallmarked?

Yes, of course. We can send your remodelled or recycled gold jewellery to be officially hallmarked at the Assay Office. There it will be tested and hallmarked appropriately according to the gold content. If you choose to have your recycled or remodelled jewellery hallmarked,

What would be the best carat of gold to use for my wedding ring?

A high carat like 18ct would be our recommendation, as it will last the longest and wear the best. The lower carats will still last a long time but are likely to show wear a bit faster. Platinum is also a great option as is it a strong long-lasting metal, whereas silver is not recommended for wedding jewellery.

Do you use titanium or steel?

No, these are industrial metals and even though they may be light, strong, hard and appealing, the fact is they can’t be sized later if your finger gets bigger (which tends to happen as we age).

What is Rhodium plating?

Rhodium plating is necessary to achieve a bright white finish on white gold. White gold’s true colour is off-white. Since gold comes out of the ground yellow, we add white alloys to it to create white gold. Since we can never achieve a perfect bright white, white gold gets plated with a thin coat of rhodium, a rare metal that is a member of the platinum group. Our rhodium plating includes the necessary polish before a piece is plated.

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