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No 1 Best Guide For Buying An Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Buying Guide 

Buying an engagement ring

Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring can be a little daunting and exctiting at the same time but where do you start. So you have found the perfect partner and you want to by an engagement ring. Do you opt for a Custom Engagement Ring or a high street ring? 

Nobody goes shopping for an engagement ring every day and it can be a quite a daunting prospect. Most men don’t broadcast that they are looking at buying an engagement ring. Instead, they opt for going it alone, seeking that perfect engagement ring from a high street jeweller.

So what are your options?

Picking The perfect Ring

You then might have to look around the window looking at the price first and then the ring. Is that really the way to buy something you want to be treasured for every. 

There are millions of ready-made engagement rings out there, sitting in showcases.  From the most inexpensive, and mainstream to the high end and unusual.  So why buy custom made jewellery something that doesn’t exist!

It’s not only the thought you have put into making a one of a kind engagement ring. The thought of having something more meaningful and unique than you can get from the high street.  

Custom Engagement Ring & Jewellery Buying Guide for Men

Everything You Need To Know About Custom Jewellery

Most men don’t think about a custom made engagement ring thinking it will cost too much. Well, it does not!

Buying an engagement ring from us is nuch easier that you think, as well help you every step of the way.

The reason you might think about a Custom Engagement Ring is. You see the prices in the jewellers and think they offer the best prices. Well, some times they do, no getting away from it. 

The engagement ring is most probably going to be the most expensive piece of jewellery your partner will ever wear. So would you not like more of your money going into Custom Engagement Ring ring rather than the jewellers pocket.

Made Just For You

We have all seen companies offering big savings, 10% 20% or more. Are these companies losing money or giving the item away. Or are they just reducing the profit margin? They still have to cover their overheads and you would like to see them make some profit. This just goes to show how big a margin they are making.

Buying an engagement ring made by us, we are able to put more of your money into it. As we don’t have fancy high street jewellery store or hold stock and we buy our diamonds and bullion direct. We can pass these savings on to you.

How Can We Help

Another reason is that not everyone is visual.  You have no idea of what you want until you see it.

So what about not being visually creative. Don’t worry, we get to know you, what your likes and dislikes are from our simple questionnaire which we can send you

We also ask for a picture or two of the person we are creating the engagement ring for. These pictures help show their style, the personality and the physical structure of the person.  Our designers have a gift, they don’t design the engagement they would want.

Custom Engagement Ring & Jewellery Buying Guide for MenCertified Diamonds

As a certified GIA diamond retailer, we can help you select the best diamond so you don’t blow your budget. We buy direct from our diamond merchants. This is another reason why a bespoke engagement ring from us is less expensive than a ready-made piece at its equivalent quality.

The biggest cost of any engagement ring is always the centre stone, so by us buying directly from the diamond merchant you get more ring for your money.

Rubie Rae Coloured DiamondCan I use my own stones

Definitely!  Come to us with your own gems and we’ll gladly work with them.  Also, you may have inherited an heirloom piece, which is outdated or not to your style.  We will gladly re-style it into a new piece that’s more your style and you’ll wear and enjoy it. Using inherited stones also adds more sentiment to your finished engagement ring, which your partner will love.

So if your thinking of buying an engagement ring, come speak to the team for a FREE consultation.

You can phone  01423 589181 or if you prefer you can Email