Don’t hide it away; let us give it a new lease of life.

At Rubie Rae we understand that you may have inherited jewellery from a relative or a loved one that just not to your taste. As styles change most people are reluctant to wear their treasured piece. With a sentimental piece most people hide them away or are tempted to sell it but this is usually the worst thing to do as it will be lost forever.

We know that your jewellery is extremely precious to you, so we listen carefully to your needs and offer advice so you achieve the desired look your after.


We often get asked what gemstone can be remodel

Well, as a rough guide we would say anything with diamonds in is economical to recycle. As diamonds are rare & valuable it is almost always worth re using whether it’s a diamond ring, pendant, earrings, or bracelet. Obviously the sentiment of a piece is a separate issue so we are sympathetic to restyle as much as we can.

If you are fortunate enough to have good quality sapphires & ruby jewellery these are well worth re-modelling. With Emeralds we have to be cautious as they are a little brittle & can chip or break when unset & reset. Larger stones are usually safer to use than very small ones but we will advise when we see the individual stones. We can reset any gemstone, when it comes to some semi-precious stones you have to keep in mind that the labour cost may outweigh the value of the stones, especially if it is lots of tiny gems. This way you are fully in control.


Rubie-Rae-various-old-jewellery-remodelled-into-diamonds-set-strand-ring-Rubie Rae yellow-gold-topaz-ring-into-white-gold-topaz--diamond-ring-remodel-

Coloured Stones

Rubie Rae 5-stone-old-cut-into new-strand-ring  Rubie-Rae-marquise-ring-into-marquise--round-diamond-pendant-remodel