The Jewellery Design Process

Jewellery Design


This is an overview of the Jewellery design process we undertake to create your individual piece, be it a ring, necklace of earrings we follow  the same attention to detail with every custom design. After all we are all individual so why have the same as everyone else. At Rubie Rae we pride ourselves in designing and making the finest jewellery to suit the individual client. All bespoke jewellery designs are one off produced and designed in house buy our talented design team. We source the gems to complement your chosen design direct from the diamond merchant. This enable us to offer a wide selection of precious and semi precious stones. so what ever you taste and style we can incorporate in your design.

Once you are happy with your jewellery design we then we get to work bring it to life, our experienced goldsmiths will start creating your piece. Also by everyone working together, we can ensure your jewel will be made to perfection from start to finish.

       Rubie Rae Jewellery-Design                  Rubie Rae design              Rubie Rae paint up

Working with the designer directly, we will help you achieve all that you desire, whether it’s for you or for a loved one. Creating a piece as gift we take into account their own individual style and personality so that the finished design truly unique to them.  If this is for you we take all of the above to offer you a truly personal service so that you achieve the look that compliments your style and flair.


Rubie Rae Ring design bespoke one off custom jewellery design


The jewellery design will start to come to life in a well thought out process, with attention to detail from hand drawn detailed designs, to explore, alter, to ultimately achieve a finished design that you are happy with to progress. 


Rubie Rae Rainbow of coloured stones bespoke one off custom jewellery design


You could also choose the individual loose gems if you require or leave it to our experts, as part of the process as we guide you through all the possible variations to create that truly unique piece.


Rubie Rae bespoke one off custom jewellery design



Rubie Rae custom-earrings bespoke one off custom jewellery design


We try to show you how the finished design will look. From its initial drawings to hand painted final design. We also have the option to create a 3d CAD image if this is needed.


Rubie Rae Emarald Ring                                                         Rubie Rae ring paint up