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How To Buy An Engagement Ring

How to buy an engagement ring

How to buy an engagement ring, well you have two options. Go follow the crowd and buy the same as everyone else from the high-street.

High Street Shopping

We are all individuals so why would your partner want an engagement ring like everyone else. For the same money you would spend on the high-street, we can design you a one of a kind Engagement Ring.

Bespoke Engagement Ring 

how to buy and engagement ring

Is not as scary as you think, with will help you every step of the way. With our simple questionnaire we can design and make your engagement ring that not only suits your partner style but also your budget.

Check out our Google Reviews for yourself and see what people are saying about us. We go that extra mile in making bespoke engagement rings. If you have old inherited gems we can incorporate them into your design adding that extra bit of sentiment to your finished engagement ring.

The Ultimate Brownie Point is one step closure and we can make it happen. 

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How to buy an engagement ring is meant to helo you understand you have options open to you. So don’t think your only option is the high street jewellers.

If you don’t wear it why not restore or reinvent it, into an heirloom for the future.

At Rubie Rae, we provide a bespoke high-end jewellery experience from beginning to end. We work closely with our clients to understand every one of your needs. Resulting in a hand-crafted one of a kind piece of unparalleled value every single time.

Breathtaking Creativity, Made Especially For You

If you want to start your journey now and you know what you would like why not send your request through by using the form below.

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