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The Best Harrogate Jewellers

Harrogate Jewellers

The Harrogate Jewellers For Designer Engagement Ring

Harrogate Jewellers

As one of the only Jewellers in Harrogate and the surrounding area, to only offer a bespoke jewellery service. We offer our clients the opportunity to create a truly unique engagement ring, for the same money you would spend on the high street. Our designers will create a selection of designs that fulfil your requirements without blowing your budget. Once you are happy with your chosen design, the gemologists will sauce your selected diamond or gemstones so that you can pick your favourite.

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Harrogate Goldsmiths

Our goldsmiths will turn your design into the perfect engagement ring. Each ring is crafted around your selected gem to showcase it to its maximum. Given that no two diamonds or gemstones are exactly the same this precision skilled work is key in securing your diamond or gemstone.

Harrogate Diamond Engagement Rings

We know buying an engagement ring is not something you do every day and hopefully, you will do it only once. So why not do it in style? After all, a bespoke engagement ring won’t cost you any more than you planned to spend. Getting engaged is very daunting and you want to get it right, so why not show how much you love your partner with a custom made engagement ring, made just for them! We will help you create the dream ring your partner has longed for why’ll staying on budget.

So Why Pick Us

As we don’t hold stock, this allows us to keep our overheads as low as possible allowing us to pass this saving on to you. Meaning more of your money goes into your engagement ring. There are a number of Harrogate Jewellers that you can walk in and buy a ring today if you are in a rush. So if you are looking to purchase a ring today we are not able to help.

Getting engaged is something you will treasure forever, you will remember the date and the place you proposed. So why not make the engagement special not only will your partner see a beautiful engagement ring you have made. They will also see the extra thought and attention to detail you have put into making it an even more special day that they will treasure forever.

So if you are thinking of proposing come and see what we can do, after all, we off a FREE consultation with no commitment. If you like what we say and you are free we are best suited to help create your partner’s dream ring, we will help you every step of the way.

To speak to one of the team you can phone 01423 589181 or Email