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Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Why Are They So Expensive.

Engagement rings, buying does not have to cost the earth. So how can you save money without compromising on the quality or overstretching yourself?

Rubie Rae is a bespoke jeweller. The word “Bespoke” scares some people, thinking that they won’t be able to afford a bespoke engagement ring from us. Well, don’t let this word put you off.
Over the years we have worked with clients who are working with a tight budget up to clients with tens of thousands. The ceiling price has no limits, so if you’re on The Times rich list or a Lottery Millionaire we can cater for you. So as you can see we provide our service to a wide spectrum of clients.

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Buying An Engagement Ring

So what are your options when it comes time to buy an engagement ring? Time was if you only had one option, the high street jewellers but things have changed. Now with a click of a mouse, people start online, looking at styles and price before making a purchase.

Like everything we buy, yet don’t really consider, an engagement ring has hidden costs. As most jewellers do not make the rings they stock, relying on buying from jewellery manufactures, this carries a price. That engagement ring in a shop window, that you like the look of and is within your budget. This is what you are also paying for:

Design Cost


Exhibition Cost

Import / Tax

Retail Premises / Stock / Insurance / Staff 

Retailers Profit

If you want to make your money go further and get more ring for your money. As well as making a one of a kind engagement ring them read on.

Insider Tips On How To Make Savings

When the time comes to look for your engagement ring, most people walk down the high street and buy what’s on offer. But do you really know where the expense goes? By reading this, we might be able to save you some of your hard-earned money. 

Yes, we all know that precious metal is expensive because of its rarity, the cost of mining and refining. The precious stones you choose for your engagement ring are also governed by the same cost of finding, refining and cutting.

So where does the additional cost come from and how can you save money when looking for an engagement ring?

Harrogate Three Stone Engagement Ring

The High Street Engagement Ring

Many high street jewellers don’t design or make their own engagement rings or jewellery anymore. With most engagement rings/jewellery now coming from jewellery manufacturers overseas. You would think this would make things cheaper for the consumer but let look at how this breaks down.

The manufacturer might have its own in-house designer or they might contract this workout. From the initial sketches through to the finished design is a cost they can’t avoid. Traditional freehand jewellery design is cheaper but many manufacturers opt for a new technology called CAD CAM, they have a high outlay in purchasing and running the technology.

As most commercial jewellery is designed to hit a set price point, the designer or CAD CAM operator is able to adjust the amount of metal or stone size to achieve this.

A sample piece is then made of the finished design. All of the costs so far represent the typical process of a high street engagement ring.

So how does this piece get into the retailer?

Many of the large jewellery retailers having specialist jewellery buyers who have built their skills over many years. These buyers deal directly with the manufacturer and regularly visit the Far East, Indian or European exhibitions/factories to review their latest collections.

Key Jewellery Exhibitions

The key exhibitions that jewellery buyers attend as follows.

IJL – London – September – 3 days
Vicenzaora – Italy – January & September 5 days & 4 days
Baselworld -Switzerland – March 5 Days
Hong Kong international jewellery Show – March & September 4 days & 4 days

What Are You Pay For

Most buyers will attend some, if not all the exhibitions and stay for the full duration of the show. They have to fly, provided with hotels and feed throughout their stay. Some of the larger companies get invited by the larger manufacturers for corporate hospitality. We all know you get nothing for nothing. All of these costs go into your engagement rings no matter how big or small it is.

Don’t forget also the cost for the manufacturers of exhibiting at these shows.

The Hong Kong show, for example, has over 2000 exhibitors it’s one of the busiest jewellery shows for manufactures.

To exhibit at this show costs around $524.00 per sq/m, this cost can easily be run up into thousands of dollars. They then have to light, fit out, paint or build. They also have to carpet it, hire security / safe. The company staff are put up in hotels, provided with food all at your expense.
A lot of time, effort and money have been spent on the possible engagement ring you looking to buy so far.

Engagement Ring Casting

 The Retailer’s Costs

Hang on though, we have forgotten one element of this buying process, the retailer itself.
Think of any shop on the high street and tell me who’s going to have the highest insurance cost (behind the banks that is). Yes, the jewellery retailer. In jewellery shops in Europe, you must be buzzed into the store. Customers here in the UK can walk straight in, no questions asked.

So, do you not think the insurance companies put a premium on this? of course they do. The high-security cameras/security personnel. Don’t forget the stipulation that every morning and night the staff empty the windows and return it to the safe. All this is built into the cost of your engagement ring.

You cannot question how good our high street jewellers are, they offer a warm and friendly staff and a vast array of jewellery to choose from. The staff are paid, trained and clothed in company uniforms. Those pure white lights that shimmer to help show off the diamonds consume a lot of electricity.

So, now you can see why buying your engagement ring from a high street jeweller can be up to 40% higher.

Let me explain how we do this.

We don’t have a buying department.

Unlike the high street, we don’t hold stock, everything is custom made for you.

No, we don’t have a high street shop.

We don’t have sales staff or uniforms.

Engagement Rings Savings

So, why come to Rubie Rae Bespoke Jewellers, with over 30 years designing jewellery collections for many of the leading high street retailers? Back in 2005, we went it alone, offering our customers a more personal bespoke service. Creating what the customer wants and not selling what we have in stock. We create an individual piece of jewellery from engagement rings to redesigning an old family treasure. We offer the same high quality you expect to buy from the high street retailer. By offing a direct service, tailored to your individual needs and budget we offer fantastic savings to the customer.

The savings we offer are considerable, yet we know people still like to shop on the high street. Buying your engagement ring from the high street cost more.

For those of you, who want the individual service with no compromise on the quality. We have shown you how we can save you money, its now up to you which option you go for.

Engagement Ring Direct

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