Diamond Colour Guide


Diamond colour chart and grades

A diamond colour with the highest grade is the one with the least amount of colour. The highest grade is D, which indicates that it is colourless, and therefore extremely rare and valuable. An E grade indicates minute traces of colour that can only be detected by an expert. An F grade indicates slight traces of colour. A stone graded G-H range is near-colourless, with traces of yellow generally visible only when compared with whiter diamonds. I to J are also near-colourless, only slightly detectable to the unaided eye. K-M,  begin to display noticeable colour.

 Colour Scale

Your Diamond Colour Guild

Colour differences in diamonds are very subtle. They are therefore graded under controlled lighting conditions and are compared to a master set of diamonds for accuracy. Ask your retailer to show you a variety of colour grades next to one another to help you to recognize the differences. Although the presence of colour diminishes a diamond’s value a, a bright, intense yellow-coloured diamond is considered a “fancy” and is normally priced at a premium. Red, blue, pink, purple and green diamonds are also called fancies, they are rare and valuable.



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